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How wine protects your liver, raises good cholesterol levels and helps you live longer

Drinking wine in moderation – no more than two glasses a day – has many health benefits It can help with mental health in the elderly and even prevent tooth decay On a Friday afternoon, Yvette Vezina settles into her hair stylist’s chair at Tipsy Salonbar in Plantation, Florida, to get colouring, and indulge in a cold glass of Pinot Grigio. “Drinking wine is relaxing,” Vezina says. “I really enjoy it.” In South Florida, wine is flowing at hair salons, furniture stores, book club meetings, art galleries and more. Wine has become so popular that speciality grocery stores like Lucky’s Market serve customers wine while they ...

B’s LIVE every weekend

You'll always have a good time on weekend with us... Every Friday and Saturday nights: HAPPY HOUR from 4:00PM - 7:00PM A Featured Musical Guest from 8:00PM - 11:30PM For more information, visit our EVENTS page.

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MY OWN BAR – an owner’s journey

Becoming a bar owner has been a dream of mine during the course of my entrepreneurial career for many years. The combination of a nightlife atmosphere and ambiance, a business operation and an hospitality requirement was a combination that attracted me early on. After going through the process of setting up the business entity and construction of a location to meet my expectations, I can look back and admit that the whole process had its share of challenges. However, having the constant vision of “Smiling Patrons” in my head for so long was they key to help me persevere and see this journey to its end. As a first-time bar/lounge owner, I ...